Pastry Consultant


We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Menu upgrade

Create a new dessert menu, improve existing menu or continually upgrade seasonal desserts when needed throughout the year. Consult with owners and executive chef to develop menu changes according to their needs. Develop changes and provide tastings until desired outcome is achieved. Train existing pastry staff on the changes and updates to production and service.


Organization in pastry is the key to success. I can reorganize the pastry kitchen and production to increase efficiency or make improvements to dessert items that aren’t quite what you want.


I would love to help your staff to expand their knowledge, helping them with different techniques, an introduction to ingredients that may inspire your staff or helping your pastry chef with the layout and look of their desserts.


Assist in designing pastry kitchen for maximize efficiency. Interview and hire pastry management and cooks according to your company’s requirements. Create menu according to the needs of the restaurant and provide tastings until desired menu is achieved. Train the staff on production of pastry and breads. Work with the new management to organize pastry kitchen to meet health code requirements. Work with management staff to train pastry cooks for efficient, quick service. Guide the management to develop scheduling of staff to avoid any hourly overtime and maintain budget guidelines.


To arrange a consultation or workshop, send us a message.

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