About Sandy

Hi everyone Welcome to Sandy La Pastelera.

I am Sandy, I am from Cuenca – Ecuador. I am a Master Pastry Chef. I love to create new desserts, foods and experiment with new flavors. I lived in different countries like Spain and South Africa learning new ways of developing my cooking and baking passions. I have worked in many places trying to find out what I am passionate about. I love to teach and share all the things I have learned over the past years. 

  • I am the creator of Sandy La Pastelera. My name is Sandy Gomezcoello and I am an Ecuadorian currently living in South Africa.                       
  • I love to create, draw, and get inspired by nature and all the things around us.                     
  • I am a Youtube Creator. I like to develop my own recipes using different ingredients. It is very important for me to respect each season and each ingredient. Always supporting your local shops.
  • The purpose of this website is to share creative videos and recipes by educating people. 

Contact details

Email. sandygomezcoello@gmail.com