Online Courses

Vegan Cooking Masterclass

In this Vegan Cooking Masterclass, I will be sharing all my knowledge and recipes with you to help you create the most delicious vegan meals you can imagine! By taking this course you will master vegan cooking at home, using simple ingredients and easy recipes. It doesn’t matter if you are new to vegan cooking or have been vegan for many years. This vegan cooking course will help you learn how to make delightful recipes for your day to day lifestyle. The goal of this course is to make being vegan easier for you and give you plenty of delicious options to eat at home or take to work. You can look forward to learning fun and creative vegan recipes in this course!

Chocolate Masterclass

In this Chocolate Masterclass, you will learn to perform various techniques with chocolate. We are going to learn how to dip in chocolate, paint chocolates with cocoa butter, make our very own ganaches, learn how to elaborate an entire entremet from start to finish, create our own chocolate bars, and finally learn how to create chocolate decorations for all our chocolate desserts and bonbons. The most important part of this course is that you will learn how to really feel comfortable with working with and handling chocolate on your own!